Sickle cell disease

“Too painful to ignore”

Will you help us?

To cure sickle cell disease

The Dutch Sickle Cell Foundation aims to relieve the pain of those who suffer from sickle cell disease.

By collecting funds to initiate and support innovative research, we hope to treat sickle cell disease more effectively in the future and to cure it in the near future, with as few adverse effects as possible.

Gajebi (5 years old) has sickle cell disease. She is a brave little girl but often sad that she has sickle cell disease.

“Every day, I am afraid that the terrible pains will come back.”

Why support the Dutch Sickle Cell Foundation ?

Your contribution can make the difference!


Your support is crucial to enable research aiming for better treatment and relief of pain our patients endure.


We are on the threshold of curing sickle cell disease with as few adverse effects as possible. Please help us! This is the moment!


"Sickle Cell Disease: Too painful to ignore". By sharing this call to action, we can raise awareness and find solutions for this devastating blood disease together.

Donated: €100.000

30 years

shorter life expectancy in the Netherlands.


babies with sickle cell disease are born worldwide each year


patients in the



are children

Sickle cell disease – Two faces

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