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Donate with tax benefits

Support us in our fight for more research to cure  sickle cell disease with optimal tax benefits.

Convert your donations into a periodic donation

When you convert your donation into a periodic donation you may be able to deduct your charitable contribution on your tax return. Importantly, this is only possible if  you make an annual donation that consists of more than one percent of your income. This condition  changes if your donation is documented  as a donation agreement for a minimum of 5 years. In that case your donations are tax deductible.

Charity tax deductions

It is good to know that this charity tax deduction will decrease in the coming years for people with a taxable income above € 20,000. 

The percentage for 2021 is 43%.

You can read more information on how to make periodic donations tax deductible here.

How do you arrange a periodic donation?

For a periodic donation, you no longer have to go to a  notary to have a last will drawn up.

It is possible to also arrange it yourself. This can easily be done by completing the donation agreement below. 

If desired, you can print it and send it in duplicate to:


Het Sikkelcelfonds
Apollo 75
3769 TB. Soesterberg
The RSIN number of het Sikkelcelfonds is 857747873

*Above information is just a guideline. Please refer to the Netherlands tax authorities website for more information regarding tax benefits.

Download a donation agreement here.

You can send us a fully completed donation agreement in duplicate.

We will return a copy to you after it has been signed by our treasurer.