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Give to charity

Bequeathing to charity

By including the Dutch Sickle Cell Foundation in your last will,

you can help us to continue our important work, even after you have passed away. .

No succession rights

It is good to know that if you donate to the Dutch Sickle Cell Foundation in your last will,  payment of inheritance tax to the governmental authorities is not necessary. Recognised charities like the Dutch Sickle Cell Foundation are completely exempt from taxes when granted  funding by way of income from an estate through a last will. In this way we will be able to use your gift for 100% to fund important research.

Arrange it with a notary

You can indicate exactly how you want this to be arranged in your last will.

For example, you can opt for a bequest or accept the Dutch Sickle Cell Foundation as a heir.

A bequest is, for example, a fixed amount, a stock portfolio or a house.

You can also include the Dutch Sickle Cell Foundation as an heir, with a fixed percentage of your

inheritance to be transferred to the Dutch Sickle Cell Foundation.

You can arrange both options with your notary.


Your notary will probably need the  following information:


Het Sikkelcelfonds
Apollo 75
3769 TB Soesterberg

Chamber of Commerce:

CoC 69127271

Do you have questions?

Please feel free to contact our affiliated Notary

Aniel Autar

Kooijman Autar Notarissen

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