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On this page you will find answers to most frequently asked questions.

Is your question not listed? Please feel free to send your question to info@hetsikkelcelfonds.nl

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Of course we are always willing to help! The Sickle Cell Foundation  is happy to listen to you and to help you further, if necessary. We work closely with all Sickle cell Comprehensive Care Centers in the Netherlands, with the patient association OSCAR the Netherlands and with IXL, a patient advocacy group  that makes practical tools and programs available for patients and their families.

Sponsor amounts from abroad can be transferred to the account of the Netherlands  Sickle Cell Foundation. In order to do  this, you need a special IBAN and BIC code. For our foundation the IBAN is:


NL 31 FVLB 0226 8747 96


Please note: Make sure that you mention the donation is for  The Netherlands Sickle Cell Foundation and please name the campaign and person  you wish to sponsor.  Additionally, please send an email to info@hetsikkelcelfonds.nl  referring to your wishes and the amount you have donated. As soon as the donation has been received by the Netherlands Sickle Cell Foundation, we will add this to the sponsor counter of the  campaign page, you wish to sponsor.

The Netherlands Sickle Cell Foundation raises funds for innovative research into the best treatment and cure for sickle cell disease  (Click here!)

Support for  research in this field is crucial to improve the future of our patients! For someone with sickle cell disease, a better life means an existence  without pain, without fatigue, and without frequent hospital visits and admissions.  Dutch doctors work very closely

with researchers in Northern America and other European countries to achieve this goal.

The annual report and policy plan are found at the bottom of this page.

The Netherlands Sickle Cell Foundation has been designated by the tax authorities as a Public Benefit Institution. This means that donations to our foundation are eligible for income tax deduction, provided the benefactor  meets the requirements set by the tax authorities.

See also the page about tax benefits when donating for 5 years.

There are many different ways to support the Netherlands Sickle Cell Foundation.
You can find additional  information on the campaign page. It is certainly  possible to receive an invoice. When wanting to sponsor, please indicate that you are going to sponsor the Sickle Cell Foundation as a company and would like to receive an invoice documenting your donation.  You will receive an invoice by e-mail within 4 working days.

The CBF is the institution that supervises  Charities in the Netherlands. Foundations can apply for a certification  by CBF. This certification  is a guarantee that  a charity  meets the  strict conditions  required by CBF to ensure trustworthiness and reliability. . For example, you can assume that certified charities contribute to a better world, handle every euro with care, are accountable and are independently audited.

Miffy is  ambassador of the Netherlands Sickle Cell Foundation to raise more awareness and donations for research, because “Sickle cell disease is too painful to ignore”.


Miffy is sweet and caring, socially engaged and is world famous.

Together with her best friend Melanie, she is  fully committed to our foundation in the coming years. Buy a special miffy and nina sickle cell cuddly toy and part of the proceeds will go to the Netherlands Sickle Cell Foundation.

If anything is unclear, we hope to  be able to reach out and contact you. 

In our privacy statement you can read all about us and how we handle your personal data. If you provide your name and e-mail address, you will also receive our bi-annual Newsletter and up to date information about how donations are spent and the results of the research. You can unsubscribe at any time.

It is also possible to donate anonymously by transfer to the account of the Netherlands Sickle Cell Foundation: IBAN: NL 31 FVLB 0226 8747 96

Write an email to info@hetSikkelcelfonds.nl  with your name and email address. The Newsletter is published approximately one to two times a year and is sent via Mailchimp. It can therefore end up in your trash or spam box.

My Campaign page

On the Media kit page you will find various information brochures (such as: “Sickle cell disease, too painful to ignore” with illustrations of Miffy and Melanie) that you can download. If you are looking for something else, please contact us at info@hetsikkelcelfonds.nl

If you want your campaign to no longer be visible on our website, you can send an email to info@hetsikkelcelfonds.nl with the name of your promotion and the request to remove it. We will then ensure that your campaign is no longer visible on the page.

Your sponsor has most likely indicated that the name or sponsor amount should  not be visible on your campaign page. Please send us an email so we can help you to solve  this problem if possible.

Please feel free to contact info@hetsikkelcelfonds.nl. We can help you to set up  a new campaign.

Privacy statement

In order to do our work, the Netherlands Sickle Cell Foundation depends entirely on the support of people like you. We are therefore transparent about why we ask for your personal data and what we do with them.  We take your privacy very seriously and ensure that your information is safe with us. We ask for permission to use your email address to  send newsletters. You can stop this at any time by unsubscribing. Your name and email address will then be removed from the file. The Netherlands Sickle Cell Foundation treats personal data confidentially and carefully and processes data in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG). The Netherlands Sickle Cell Foundation excludes any liability with regard to the completeness of the information on this site. The information on this site can be changed by us at any time without further notice.