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This is our board and organization

Board and organization

The organization of the Dutch Sickle Cell Foundation consists of an unpaid board.

They are assisted in the implementation by a Research Council.

The members of this council perform their duties for the Sickle Cell Foundation on a voluntary basis

From left to right and from top to bottom in the photo:

Marjon Cnossen, Damaira Anijs, Marjolein Peters, Guillaume Ellis,

Wim Moerman, Charlotte van Tuijn.

The board

The task of the five-member board is to realize the mission of the foundation and to use funds and donations to finance innovative scientific research. Finances are  controlled by an accountant, who also approves the  annual report. The board is formed by

Marjon Cnossen

Guillaume Ellis

Marjolein Peters

Charlotte van Tuijn

Damaira Anijs

Wim Moerman

Chairman, pediatric hematologist

Treasurer & Finance, finance Manager

Secretary, pediatric hematologist, non-practicing

Board member responsible for Volunteers, nurse specialist

Board member Communications, tax lawyer

Board member Strategic Policies, financial director

The Research Council

The Research Council  advises the board on quality and ranking of research initiatives The Research Council asks advice from an independent council of Experts when indicated:  Review Committee :

Marjolein Peters

Prof. Dr. Bart Biemond

Dr. Anita Rijneveld

Prof. Dr. Karin Fijnvandraat

Board member of the Sikkelcelfonds Foundation



pediatric hematologist

Advisory board

The board of The Dutch Sickle Cell Foundation is assisted by a Board of Advice:

Sandra Chedi

Marise Voskens

Mark West

Founder of WOW Hostel Amsterdam

Active with Amsterdam cultural and social organisations

Lawyer at Van der Feltz